Frequently asked questions

Do I need a forklift to unload?

In the majority of cases no! - The courier can unload the machines for you without assistance.

We offer a variety of delivery options to suit your unloading requirements.

Wherever possible, we offer delivery on a vehicle with a taillift / ramps. This allows the courier to unload the machine without the need for unloading equipment (forklift, telehandler, frontloader etc).

If you do have unloading equipment, occasionally this may allow you to save some money in delivery costs.

You can specify at checkout whether you have pallet unloading equipment or not and we will do the rest.

A small number of machines always require unloading equipment in order to be delivered due to their size. If you encounter a machine that requires unloading equipment, but you have none, contact us, and we may be able to make special arrangements for you.

Is there a warranty, and are spare parts supported?

All machines come with a minimum 12 month manufacturer warranty which covers spare parts or poor workmanship. As our machines are heavily built from thick steel, it is exceedingly rare to encounter issues.

Like all warranties, consumable parts like belts and blades aren't covered. However these consumable parts are readily available should you need to purchase them.

Both ourselves, and the manufacturer are able to provide replacement consumables and any spare parts required.

Machinery of this nature is designed to be easily maintained, and in most cases an adjustable spanner is all that's required to swap a part over.

Our team is always available to lend assistance should you need any.

Is a PTO shaft / hydraulic lines included?

We include both a PTO shaft and hydraulic lines for free with any machine that requires them.

Link pins are included for free too!

Everything required will arrive with the machine, and typically a customer can be up and running immediately after delivery.

Is my tractor compatible?

Typically, as long as the horsepower of your tractor is within the Tractor HP Range that's defined on the product page, it should be compatible.

This Tractor HP Range takes into consideration the power, weight, dimensions, hitch type and PTO type of the majority of tractors within the range.

If you are not sure about compatibility and would like us to confirm this for you, simply contact us with the make and model of your tractor, as well as the reference of the machine you're after, and we'll find out for you straight away.

Can I be sent a proforma invoice?

Yes! We understand many customers are purchasing a mower for their business or for a sports ground.

You can choose to be sent a proforma invoice in the checkout, or contact us and our team can create a proforma invoice for you straight away.